Medical snippets #1: A flux of bloud

‘I have some acquaintance with a Gentlewoman who could by no means possibly be cured, who was brought so weak with this continual flux of bloud, that she always fainted away when she was but turned in her bed, insomuch that her friends and Physitians despaired of her life, seeing that all those means which have been effectual to others, proved not at all succesful to her: At length she was advised to have a live Toad put up in a Napkin and bound to her back; which was no sooner done but her flux of bloud was staid from thence forward; and to the admiration of all, this Gentlewoman was thereby recovered.’

Richard Bunworth, The doctresse: a plain and easie method, of curing those diseases which are peculiar to women. Whereunto are annexed physicall paradoxes, or a new discovery of the æconomy of nature in mans body (1656)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 910 a 2 (5)