Medical snippets #3: The administration of opium

Opium taken crude and raw as aforesayd, to the quantitie of an Orobus or wild Fitch, appeaseth all Aches or paines, helpeth digestion, stayeth all Coughes and Destillations or Rheumes which fall from the braine into the stomack, it is excellent against all kinde of Headach if the temples bee anointed and chaffed with the same and oyle of roses: being dropped or instilled into the eares with the oyle of bitter Almonds, Mirrhe and Saffran, it healeth and recouereth Hearing, and the sooner being applied with the yolke of an egge hard rosted in the imbers: it auaileth much against inflammation of the eyes, and being mixed with vinegar is very good against Saint Anthonies fire, and healeth olde vlcers: with saffran and womans milke it is singular in gouts, and being mixed with Supposatories, it prouoketh sleepe.’

Angelus Sala, Opiologia: or, A treatise concerning the nature, properties, true preparation and safe vse and administration of opium (1618)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 905 c 3 (6)