Medical snippets #5: Proper exercises

‘Moderate Exercise is requisite to be used during the Time of drinking these Waters, to raise (as I am informed by the Learned) proper Ferments in the Humours, and to promote their due Secretions, to attenuate the Fluids, and brace up the Fibres, and give the Nerves a better Spring. Proper Exercises are Walking, Bowling, Dancing, but especially Riding; all which moderately used, will facilitate a due Secretion of the peccant Humours, particularly through the Kidneys, […]’

Henry Eyre, A brief account of the Holt waters, containing one hundred and twelve eminent cures, perform’d by the use of the famous mineral waters at Holt, (near Bath) in Wiltshire (1731)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 915 b 6 (3)