Medical snippets #9: The fourth cause of the pestilence

‘The fourth Chapter sheweth the fourth cause of the Pestilence.

The fourth cause is the aptnesse of mans body, thorough euill humors to receiue the effect of a venemous aire, putrifieng and corrupting the bodie: whereof the disease is ingendred. The bodie is made apt to be infected by the abuse of things not natural (as Phisitions terme them,) that is to say: by taking of meate and drink out of measure, specially by feeding of many dishes at one meale, or by too much lacke of good nourishing meat, by too much sleepe, or watching, by too much labor or ease: finally, by too much anger, greefe of minde, and feare of the disease. As all these things are dangerous: so the last is sufficient of it selfe to infect the bodie, & consequently to bring death: as I have heard it declared by diuers examples.’

Thomas Brasbridge, The poore mans iewell: (So called bicause of the great commoditie that may come vnto the poore, by the vse, and practise of the documents, and instructions therin contained: and bicause both the booke, and the contents therof are cheape, and easie to be gotten, and practised of the poorest.) Now the second time set foorth, somwhat augmented by the author. It containeth a treatise of the pestilence, togither with a declaration of the vertues of the hearbs carduus benedictus, and angelica: (which are very medicinable, both against the plague, and also against many other diseases:) gathered out of the bookes of diuers learned physitions (1592)

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