Medical snippets #11: For the quinsy or squinancie

‘For the Quinsie or squinancie, the swelling of the throate, causing difficultie of breathing, and hardnesse of swallowing, Trincauel doth aduise a speedie letting of bloud; yet a glister being vsed before if the disease will giue leaue: but if the disease (as it is a very sharp disease) will give no space, then may we do as Hippocrates sometime did, that is, first let bloud, & afterward minister the Clyster. Fuchsius willeth vs to open the basilica of the arme of the same side where the swelling is. But he will haue it to be done at seuerall times by little and little, and not all at once, least there should happen a swooning, and so a peril of suffocation: and besides, By two sodaine coolings and by fainting of the heart, the matter may by caryed from the iawes vnto the lungs, and so bring ineuitable danger. Yet must not the incision be made too little, least by meanes of the narrownesse of the hole the good bloud should be as it were strained out, and the thick part remaine within, which is the cause of the griefe.’

Simon Harward, Harvvards phlebotomy: or, A treatise of letting of bloud, fitly seruing, as well for an aduertisement and remembrance to well minded chirurgians, as also to giue a caueat generally to all men to beware of the manifold dangers, which may ensue vpon rash and vnaduised letting of bloud (1601)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 905 e 3 (3)