Medical snippets #12: An elaborate medicine good for nothing

Coralline, with Oil of Vitriol, makes a conspicuous Bullition, yet mild and gentle; that is, with very little, if any heat, and without any visible Fumes. And red and white Coral do the like.

Hence they are all of a very gentle operation, and fit for Children, as the case requires.

Magistery of Coral (prepared the ordinary way) stirreth not in the least, either with Alkalies or Acids.

Whence it is evident, That its active Principles are in its preparation destroyed and washed away: that is to say, it is an elaborate Medicine good for nothing. And thus far of Stones.’

Nehemiah Grew, Experiments in consort of the luctation arising from the affusion of several menstruums upon all sorts of bodies, exhibited to the Royal Society, April 13. and June 1. 1676 (1678)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 910 c 8 (2)