Medical snippets #19: Much use of cold drink

‘But the much use of cold drink, although it seem to refresh us for the present, by dulling the appetite and the sense of thirst and hunger, as a stupefactive narcotick will do: yet it destroys the faculties of the stomach, which are maintained and quickned by heat: and thereby breeds crudities in our bodies, from whence many diseases proceed. The East-Indians are seldome troubled with the Stone or the Gout, and it is imputed to their warm drink: the like we may judge of obstructions, cholicks, dropsies, rheumes, coughs, hoarsness, diseases in the throat and lungs, &c. in which cases, and many more which proceed from ill concoction and crudity of humors, no doubt it is an excellent preservative to drink our drink warm.’

Edward Jorden, A discourse of natural bathes, and mineral waters. Wherein, the original of fountains in general is declared. The nature and difference of minerals, with examples of particular bathes. The generation of minerals in the earth, from whence both the actual heat of bathes, and their virtues proceed. By what means mineral waters are to be discover’d. And lastly, of the nature, and uses of bathes, but especially, of our bathes at Bathe in Somerset-shire (1673)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 300 i 11 (3)