Medical snippets #20: Not altogether impertinent

‘Sir, I hope it will not be altogether impertinent, if I here take occasion to recommend to the young Practitioner, one way of Ligature very useful in Amputations, especially above the Knee; that is to say, a wadd of hard linnen cloth, or the like, inside the Thigh a little below the Inguen, then passing a Towel round the member; knit the ends of it together, and with a Battoon, a Bedstaff, or the like; twist it, till it compress the Wadd or Boulster so very strait on the crural Vessel, that (the circulation being stopped in them,) their bleeding when divided by the Excision, shall be scarce large enough to let him see where to apply his Restrictives, nor shall the pain of that Operation be comparable to what it would be, were not the member nummed by the Compress.’

James Yonge, Currus triumphalis, è terebinthô. Or An account of the many admirable vertues of oleum terebinthinæ (1679)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 300 i 11 (2)