Medical snippets #21: Over much drinking of brandy

‘Pains in the Head through Heat, are often caused through the immoderate heat of the Sun, or by standing near great flames of Fire, through hot Baths, and violent Motion, strong and hot Scents, and many times through hot Distempers, sometimes through over much drinking of Brandy, and other strong and hot Spirits, and also by drinking of Wine; especially that which is suffisticated; and sometimes this Disease is caused through furious passion, anger, wrath, &c. […]

The Cure of which Disease may be performed as followeth. The Patient ought to forbear all sorts of Meats that are of hard digestion, and Milk, and all such Food that fume up into the Head; also let him abstain from Carnal Copulation, trouble of mind, malice, anger, wrath, and let his Body be kept open with the following Glister.

Take Mallows, Sage, Strawberrie, and Violet-leaves, of each one good handfull. Being Cut and Bruised, Boil them in one Quart of Water, to the consumption of half, then strain it, and add thereto of the Lenitive Electuary one Ounce and a half, Diacatholicon one Ounce, Oyl of Lillies and Violets, of each six Drams, Sal Prunella one Dram; mix them well together, and give it to the Patient Glister-wayes.’

William Sermon, A friend to the sick: or, The honest English mans preservation. Shewing the causes, symptoms, and cures of most occult and dangerous diseases which afflict the body of man. With a particular discourse of the dropsie, scurvy, and yellow jaundice. And the most absolute way of cure. Whereunto is added, a true relation of some of the most remarkable cures effected by the author’s most famous cathartique and diueretique pills, wherewith was cured his late Grace George Duke of Albemarle, &c. (1673)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 300 i 13 (2)