Medical snippets #27: Sweetening scorbutick acids

‘This Water being gradually heated (as is said) becomes a Bath, whose Sulphur hereby first penetrates the better into our Fermental juices, exciting them, if languid through Hydropick Acids, or spurious, through Scorbutick Acids, in the one by helping (with other concurring Medicaments) to remove obstructions from coagulated Acids; in the other, by precipitating, altering and sweetening Scorbutick Acids, the cause of pains and particular tumours. […]

Hereby it the better reacheth to dint that Fermental Acor of the Gout, impress’d upon the Synovia of the Joints, so easily communicable to the adjacent Nerves; hence is the reason why its found so effectual for the Scurvey, Gout, &c. viz. because these forenamed Diseases are chiefly determined and specificated by Acids, coagulated upon different humours and parts: For its Essential efficacy (if I may so say) of a subtiliz’d Sulphur to dint Acids, and thereby to resolve such as are coagulated; so that to me the discussion of all tumours, whether Scorbutick or others, depend upon the resolving those coagulated Acids, the intimate and real efficients thereof.’

William Simpson, Zymologia physica, or A brief philosophical discourse of fermentation, from a new hypothesis of acidum and sulphur (1675)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 300 i 13 (3)