Medical snippets #29: Avoid long watchings

‘As for sleep he must moderately indulge it, especially in a hot Gout, he must, if possible, avoid long watchings, because they do attenuate the bloud, and consequently increase the disease by raising defluxions.

While the pains continue, let the part affected be kept quiet, free from all motion: if his body be not of it self open, let it by Art be made soluble: let him abstain from the act of Venery, and as much as he can, let him avoid sadness, melancholy, and other passions, and violent commotions of the Spirits.

But the Gout being a long or Chronical disease, which cannot be cured by only living regularly, we must proceed to remedies, which is the second aim of the Physitian, viz. Evacuation and diversion of the antecedent matter; to this end serve Vomits, sharp and pungent Clisters with Hiera Benedicta; also Phlegmagoge, and Cholagoge Purges, according to the nature of the Gout, whether it be hot or cold.’

Benjamin Welles, A treatise of the gout, or joint-evil (1669)

Balliol College Library shelfmark: 910 c 8 (6)