‘Messing About with Manuscripts’: R.A.B. Mynors and Balliol’s Medieval Library

We are excited to present our new virtual exhibition: ‘Messing about with Manuscripts: R.A.B. Mynors and Balliol’s Medieval Library‘.

This virtual exhibition is inspired by the work of Balliol Fellow Roger Mynors, whose 1963 catalogue listing and describing the College’s celebrated manuscript collection has provided a gateway to the medieval world for generations of scholars.

Most of Balliol’s medieval books have been together in the College, read and used by academics and thinkers at Balliol since the Middle Ages. This exhibition brings together for the first time the history of the collection with the processes and the people involved in uncovering it, and in doing so, hopes to build upon Mynors’ work in opening up the collection to an even wider audience.

We were due to host the exhibition at the Historic Collections Centre at St Cross Church during the forthcoming Michaelmas Term, but since we are unable to do so at the moment, we thought we would give everyone a sneak peek into the world of our medieval manuscripts via the beautiful catalogue. We hope to put up the exhibition at a later date, and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

One thought on “‘Messing About with Manuscripts’: R.A.B. Mynors and Balliol’s Medieval Library”

  1. Will the catalogue be available in hard copy? Or else on line? I’d be interested, remembering Roger Mynors (just!)


    Alan James

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